Pineapple in a Burrito?

There’s a Mexican fast food chain in Australia called Mad Mex who just launched a burrito with PINEAPPLE as one of the ingredients.  So your burrito includes rice, beans, meat, guac, cheese . . . and pineapple???? A writer for Buzzfeed tried the pineapple burrito, and she was surprised to find it tasted good.  Quote,…


Women Sleep Better with a Dog in Bed Than a Person

  Looks like it’s time to make some changes to your sleeping arrangements.  Your significant other?  Demoted to the couch.  Your dog?  Promoted to the little spoon. We’ve got the results here of a new study out of Canisius College in New York and they found that women sleep BETTER when they’re sharing their bed…


Trans-Siberian Orchestra Pre-Sale

Tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra officially go on sale tomorrow at 10am, but you can buy them early here with our special pre-sale until 10pm tonight! Don’t forget to use the special code: RADIO


Kevin’s Final Segment

  Kevin Nelson, a State College radio icon for close to 50 years, hung up the headphones this morning with The Morning Guys. Kevin embarks on a new chapter in his life, moving to Florida and taking on new adventures, experiences, all with a frozen drink machine by his side. Presented below is Kevin’s final…


What a Shot!

A Guy Makes a World Record 660-Foot Basketball Shot   A man named Derek Herron from Australia set a Guinness World Record by sinking a basketball shot from 660 feet.  He made the shot from the top of Africa’s Maletsunyane Falls. #UnReal



Japan has an ingenious system that lets people store their bikes in underground vaults in several different cities.  It’s called the Eco Cycle System and it costs around $25 a month. It’s simple, just roll your bike into a kiosk and then swipe your card.  The loading mechanism then takes it into an earthquake-proof underground space where it…


Free Ticket Window Winners

Congratulations to our recent Free Ticket Window Winners! Laura Struble – Rock for a Cure Joe Wechter – Rock for a Cure Andrea Rafferty – Rock for a Cure Rob Liptak – Rock for a Cure Lola Tornatore – Rock for a Cure Zach Shaw – Spikes 4/$44 Lindsay Myers – Spikes 4/$44 Laura Struble – Spikes 4/$44

You may encounter some honeyfuggling today.

You may encounter some honeyfuggling today.

Here are some unique ways to express yourself on this Valentines Day.  Use at your own risk, or you could miss out on some quality gumsucking. Click here to see the list.


Did you know there was an Egg Nog riot at West Point in 1826?

Thanks to our Friends at Mental Floss, here’s the story of how cadets at West Point rioted in 1826.  Drinking Egg Nog at holiday celebrations was traditional at West Point, until new rules imposed an alcohol prohibition. The Egg Nog Riot of 1826