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Do You Wash Your Pillowcase?

How often do you wash your pillowcases?  2% of Americans say they’ve NEVER washed theirs.  You’re supposed to do it every week or two at the very least. Since pillowcases absorb a lot of dirt, oil, and dead skin, you’re supposed to wash yours every week or two at the very least.  But a lot…

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Sell Sell Sell!!!

The price of an existing home is at an all-time high.  Experts say the median price of a home sold last month was just over 363-thousand-dollars.  That’s nearly 23-and-a-half percent higher than what a home went for in June of last year. It is truly a sellers market.

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NCAA Head Calls For Smaller Role

(Indianapolis, IN)  —  The head of the NCAA [[ N-C-double-A ]] is calling on the organization to play a smaller role in college sports.  President Mark Emmert on Thursday said the organization that regulates student athletes should delegate more decision-making power to schools and conferences.  The Supreme Court recently affirmed a lower court ruling that…