Weird Things You Didn’t Know About “Sesame Street” Until You Got Older

If you look at “Sesame Street” today, you may have a different perspective than you did as a kid.  Which brings us to this list of The Top Weird Things You Didn’t Know About “Sesame Street” Until You Got Older.


  • How did a show about caring for others never bother to find Oscar a proper home?
  • How was this the only neighborhood in New York that didn’t experience gentrification?
  • If The Count is so good at counting, why does he never go past the number five?
  • How did Cookie Monster avoid diabetes?
  • As lame as he is, Super Grover actually has more superpowers than Hawkeye from “The Avengers”.
  • Rolling through a pinball machine from the ball’s point of view is better than dropping acid!
  • If it was a street, where was the traffic?
  • That guy who paints numbers on that bald guy’s head is technically committing assault.
  • How can inanimate objects look so lifelike?  Sorry, that’s something you didn’t notice about “Real Housewives”.
  • Why didn’t Bert share some of his unibrow with Ernie?
  • Why didn’t Grover ever test positive for crack?