Reasons Trying to Lose Weight Is Stupid

Are you trying to drop some pounds?  You might want to reconsider after hearing this list of The Top Reasons Trying to Lose Weight Is Stupid.


  • It puts people at the Little Debbie factory out of work.  During a pandemic, no less.
  • What’s the point of a mouth if you only use it to sip water?
  • If you stay chubby, you’ll never be the one they send crawling through the air ventilation system to go get help.
  • Losing weight means you’ll have fewer fat folds to store Hershey bars.
  • It doesn’t matter how many chins you have since nowadays they’re always covered up in public by a mask.
  • You’ve always felt having two feet is one too many.
  • It includes counting calories . . . and math is for NERDS!
  • Making less of you is self-hatred.
  • You’re married.