As of 7/6/20

Game #DayDateOpponentAir Time
1Friday July 24 @ St. Louis7:50
2Saturday July 25 @ St. Louis1:50
3Sunday July 26 @ St. Louis1:50
4Monday July 27Milwaukee6:40
5Tuesday July 28Milwaukee6:40
6Wednesday July 29Milwaukee6:40
 Thursday July 30OFF DAY 
7Friday July 31 @ Chicago Cubs7:50
8Saturday August 1 @ Chicago Cubs7:50
9Sunday August 2 @ Chicago Cubs1:55
10Monday August 3 @ Minnesota7:45
11Tuesday August 4 @ Minnesota1:45
12Wednesday August 5Minnesota6:40
13Thursday August 6Minnesota1:10
14Friday August 7Detroit6:40
15Saturday August 8Detroit3:40
16Sunday August 9Detroit1:10
17Monday August 10 @ St. Louis7:50
18Tuesday August 11 @ St. Louis7:50
19Wednesday August 12 @ St. Louis1:50
20Thursday August 13 @ Cincinnati4:45
21Friday August 14 @ Cincinnati6:45
22Saturday August 15 @ Cincinnati5:45
23Sunday August 16 @ Cincinnati12:45
 Monday August 17OFF DAY 
24Tuesday August 18Cleveland6:40
25Wednesday August 19Cleveland6:40
26Thursday August 20Cleveland6:40
27Friday August 21Milwaukee6:40
28Saturday August 22Milwaukee3:40
29Sunday August 23Milwaukee1:10
 Monday August 24OFF DAY 
30Tuesday August 25 @ Chicago White Sox7:45
31Wednesday August 26 @ Chicago White Sox1:45
 Thursday August 27OFF DAY 
32Friday August 28 @ Milwaukee7:45
33Saturday August 29 @ Milwaukee6:45
34Sunday August 30 @ Milwaukee1:45
35Monday August 31 @ Milwaukee7:15
36Tuesday September 1Chicago Cubs6:40
37Wednesday September 2Chicago Cubs6:40
38Thursday September 3Chicago Cubs1:10
39Friday September 4Cincinnati6:40
40Saturday September 5Cincinnati6:40
41Sunday September 6Cincinnati1:10
 Monday September 7OFF DAY 
42Tuesday September 8Chicago White Sox6:40
43Wednesday September 9Chicago White Sox6:40
 Thursday September 10OFF DAY 
44Friday September 11 @ Kansas City7:40
45Saturday September 12 @ Kansas City6:40
46Sunday September 13 @ Kansas City1:40
47Monday September 14 @ Cincinnati6:15
48Tuesday September 15 @ Cincinnati6:15
49Wednesday September 16 @ Cincinnati6:15
50Thursday September 17St. Louis6:40
51Friday September 18St. Louis6:40
52Saturday September 19St. Louis6:40
53Sunday September 20St. LouisTBD
54Monday September 21Chicago Cubs6:40
55Tuesday September 22Chicago Cubs6:40
56Wednesday September 23Chicago Cubs6:40
57Thursday September 24Chicago Cubs6:40
58Friday September 25 @ Cleveland6:45
59Saturday September 26 @ Cleveland6:45
60Sunday September 27 @ Cleveland2:45

*Bold denotes home games

All times are Eastern Standard and are subject to change.

Schedule is subject to change. For any rain delays or changes visit