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Early Milestones Parents Worry About Most

80% of parents compare their children to other kids their age to figure out how they stack up.  Half even admit they’ve lost sleep over how fast their kid is advancing.  And it can happen even before they’re in school.   Here are the top ten early milestones parents worry the most about . . .…

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How to Deal With FOMO

Suffering from a Fear of Missing Out? Perhaps this will help. . .   1. Relish feeling out of the loop. Great things are indeed happening out there and sometimes you’re not invited. Admit that you are missing out and there’s nothing you can do about it. In fact, one approach may be to savor the fact.…

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Adults Wealthier At Midlife Tend To Live Longer Than Less-Well-Off Peers

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy things that may lead you to live a longer life. A new study finds that people with a higher net worth by their late 40s tend to live longer than a family member with a lower net worth at the same age. They also found that for…




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