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‘Zoom Fatigue’ And Their Simple Fixes

If you’re tired of video conferences you’re not alone. Stanford University researchers have found there are four main reasons why video chats fatigue humans: 1) Excessive amounts of close-up eye contact is highly intense (faces on video calls can appear too large for comfort, which simulates a personal space that you normally experience when you’re…

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Best-Dressed Men

Esquire magazine has released a list of the Best Dressed Celebrity Men. Here are some of the men on the list who you would probably know: – Justin Theroux, Actor, 49 – LeBron James, Basketball player, 36 – Harry Styles, Musician, 27 – David Byrne, Musician, 68 – Offset, Musician, 29 – John Mayer, Musician,…

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The Most Popular Names Among Influencers

Do you have a common influencer name? looked through more than 500 influencer profiles on Instagram to find out what the most popular names are among them. The top five female names they found were: Hannah, Chloe, Sophie, Sarah, and Rebecca. Hannah and Chloe were the most common, with 50 influencer profiles associated with…




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