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Sledding Helmets

Sledding Helmets

Sledding may not be as dangerous as some other winter sports, but does that mean kids don’t need a helmet? According to a new survey, that’s what most parents think. Researchers at Michigan Medicine find that nearly 70 percent of parents admit their kids never wear a helmet while sledding. Despite the potential for injury…

Want to be Happy at Work?  “Get Busy” at Home!

Want to be Happy at Work? “Get Busy” at Home!

If you’re feeling fulfilled at home, there’s a good chance you’re feeling fulfilled at work, too. A recent study finds that having an active sex life could lead to increased job satisfaction at work. Researchers concluded that people who prioritize their love lives at home head into the work day with more enjoyment and focus the…

Divorce Registries

Divorce Registries

A new trend is popping up among those who’ve been divorced: creating a divorce registry. While some divorcés were already using Amazon wishlists, a bunch of divorce-specific platforms have popped up recently to provide a more official service. Fresh Starts Registry launched in October 2021—it allows one to build a registry, and has recommendations for…