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Dating Deal-Breakers

A new study posted by Psychology Today reveals the top dating deal-breakers unclean appearance 67% lazy 66% too needy 63% lacks a sense of humor 54% long-distance 49% bad lover 47% lacks self-confidence 40% watches too much TV or plays too many video games 33% stubborn 33% talks too much 23% 

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Top Ways We’ve Embarrassed Ourselves on Zoom

Have you embarrassed yourself on a Zoom call yet?  A new survey looked at the most common embarrassing moments we’ve had on there since the pandemic first hit.  Here’s the Top 10 . . . 1.  Talking for a while, and then realizing you were muted the whole time.  Almost a third of us have…

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No Such Thing As “Not My Type”

A new study from social psychology researchers from University of California, Davis claims that people who believe they have a “type” are fooling themselves, and that singles “might as well let a stranger pick their dates.” The findings, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, indicate that the complex algorithms that match online dating…


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