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Ways to Show You Care About Your Friends

  Be there to help when things go wrong. Be there to celebrate when things go right. Be there just to be there. Keep in touch. Do fun things together. Remember their birthdays. Make a big deal out of the milestones and big accomplishments in their lives. If you are coupled, spend some time alone…

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Cool Moms

I know a lot of moms who want to be considered a “cool mom.”  And it looks like it’s not that hard to do . . . even if some of it goes TOTALLY against every fiber of your personality. A new survey asked adults what makes someone a COOL MOM.  And the top two…

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The Person Most Likely to Bully Your Kid Is One of Their Own Friends

A recent study at Penn State looked at bullying in schools.  Specifically, who your kid is most likely to be bullied by.  And the answer is . . . usually their own FRIENDS. Researchers asked 3,000 kids about recent run-ins with bullies.  Then they checked back in with them every year for five years straight.…




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