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The Latest Dating Terms

There’s no shortage of weird terms assigned to dating behaviors, and now you can add a few more to the list. Dating app Plenty of Fish has identified seven new terms: Caspering-someone who gives a warning before ghosting you Fleabagging-a person who consistently picks the wrong men Glamboozling-getting a beauty treatment or wearing a new…


Here’s Who We’re Planning to Buy Gifts for This Year

A new survey found that we value our pets almost as much as our friends, and more than our coworkers.  Which . . . well, yeah, seems about right. The survey asked people who they’re planning to buy gifts for, and pets were ALMOST as popular as friends.  But they’re DEFINITELY more popular than coworkers. …

Having a Dog Around Makes Kids Better at Reading

While your cat insists on parking its butt on all your important papers, your dog might be HELPING the people in your home read.  Specifically, your kids . . . Researchers at the University of British Columbia found that children tend to read more, and be more engrossed in what they’re reading, when a DOG…


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