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“Little Wins” That Instantly Make Us Happier

A survey on life’s “little wins” found the average person has something unexpected and good happen to them three times a week.  And the boost in happiness we get lasts 1 hour and 14 minutes.  Here are the Top 10 “little wins” we love most . . .   1.  Finding money in the pocket…


Last Names And Old-Fashioned Names Are Rising In Popularity As Middle Names For Boys

Picking a child’s first name comes with a lot of pressure, but there’s generally less of that pressure with middle names. A new trend sees parents giving their boys last names and old-fashioned names for middle names. The Social Security Administration (SSA), which keeps track of baby names, says old-fashioned names such as Archie, Ace,…


Social Media Posts That Can Cost You a Job

79% of businesses have rejected a job candidate for something they posted on social media, according to a recent poll.  Here are the top five things that could cost you a job . . . 1.  Hate speech.  Including negative comments, or being a member of a group that discriminates. 2.  Pictures of heavy partying…


Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande - Rain On Me