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How NOT to Spend Your Tax Refund

Did you get a tax refund?  If so, hopefully, you’ll be smart and make good use of it.  But maybe you won’t.  Here are The Top Things Not to Do with Your Tax Refund.    Gorilla Glue it to your head. Upgrade to Spotify Premium.  Those Farmers Insurance ads are kinda catchy. Put an addition on…

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Cooking Mistakes

 Someone recently asked professional chefs for the top cooking mistakes us average Joes are making.    Here are the highlights . . .    1.  Don’t use dull knives.  You’re actually more likely to cut yourself.  So sharpen those babies up . . . then be careful.    2.  Stop cutting your vegetables unevenly.  If you…



Thursday Morning's Lost Classic

Charlie Dore—Pilot of the Airwaves