Sink or Swim

#SinkOrSwim – Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan “The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost” #SWIMS with 100% of the votes!! @CMorganMusic


Join T Frank Friday at 5pm..

We will be live at Sharkies, 110 Sowers Street in State College to kick off the football weekend. Stop by, hang out for a while, play some pool and sign up to win a Pittsburgh Steelers Corn Hole Game! Plus, we’ll be giving away t-shirts , hats and other prizes… Must be 21 or older…

Sink or Swim

#SinkOrSwim – Luke Combs

Luke Combs “Even Though I’m Leaving” #SWIMS with 100% of the votes! @LukeCombs 


Five Tips for Better Phone Photos

FULL STORY:  Someone posted a list of ways to take better photos with your phone.  And we’d seen some of them before.  But there were a few new ones mixed in.  Here are five tips . . Clean tHe lens.  A lot of people never do it, and even minor smudge marks can affect quality.  You…


How to get the cheapest car insurance

Car insurance varies depending on where you live . . . how old you are . . . how much coverage you want . . . and what KIND of car you’re driving. And a new study found the cheapest type of car to insure is . . . a MINIVAN.  They’ve got the lowest…