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Pat Urban3

Reasons You Haven’t Joined Twitter

 Twitter has over 330 million global monthly users . . . but you aren’t one of them.  Your excuse might be found here on this list of The Top Reasons You Haven’t Joined Twitter. It’s a stupid act that you’ll inevitably regret.  Like marriage. It takes way too long to type out a tweet on your…


CDC Guidelines For Re-Opening Offices

CDC Guidelines For Re-Opening Offices The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued guidelines for reopening offices. Here are some of the precautions they recommend before you go back to work: – Ensure that building ventilation systems are operating properly. Open windows and doors, when feasible, to increase circulation of outdoor air as much…

Pat Urban3

FAQ Questions about the New Tom Cruise Movie to Be Shot in Outer Space

  When it comes out, can we all go back to quarantining? Is this how NASA is spending our tax dollars? Will Tom be wearing lifts in his space boots? Will this be made by the same people who faked the moon landing? Any chance he’ll decide to stay up there? How will zero gravity…