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Things Your Refrigerator Would Say If It Could Talk

Luckily, our kitchen appliances can’t talk to us.  But if they could, your fridge might fire off some things from this list of The Top Things Your Refrigerator Would Say If It Could Talk.   Do I have any say with these magnets?  I know they’re family, but some of these people are butt ugly! I…

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This Year’s Flu Numbers Are Kind Of Stunning

There’s an upside to the pandemic you might not have considered: hardly anyone is getting the flu this year. Popular Science notes that in 2019 the US had 65,000 recorded cases of the flu between September and late December, and in 2020 that number dropped to just 1,000. All of the precautions people are taking…

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Paleontologists Gain Insight Into a Dinosaur’s Butt

It’s a first for paleontology, and one that might produce a giggle. For the first time, scientists have been able to describe in fine detail a dinosaur’s cloaca. If you’re not familiar with that body part, CNET translates: It’s essentially “a jack-of-all-trades butthole.” The study published Tuesday in Current Biology concerns a dog-size herbivore that…




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