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Tips for Having a Great Picnic

Are you planning a picnic this weekend?  If so, we can help make sure it rocks with this list of The Top Tips for Having a Great Picnic.    Find out ahead of time if anyone has food allergies and then mock them for being weak. Carrying a $100 picnic basket from Crate & Barrel is…

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The Music We Listened To in Our Younger Years Defines Us Forever

If you feel the music you listened in your younger years is important—you’re right. Researchers from two UK-based universities find that the music we listen to between the ages of 10 and 30 defines us for the rest of our lives. Specifically, researchers found that people imagining themselves in isolation not only prefer music reminding…

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Kids Who Grew Up With Dogs Are Better Behaved

Kids Who Grew Up With Dogs Are Better Behaved There might be more good than harm in getting your kid a puppy. University of Western Australia and Telethon Kids Institute polled over 1,600 parents of kids ages two to five, and found that 42 percent of households surveyed owned a dog. Kids from dog-owning homes…