Ways to Burn Calories This Winter Other than Exercise

31% of Americans exercise less in the winter because it’s too cold, dark, and awful.  But that doesn’t mean you have to plump up, either.  There are a lot of other options for staying trim when it’s nippy outside, which you’ll see with today’s list of Ways to Burn Calories This Winter Other than Exercise.

  • Hurling the TV out your window after another Steelers loss.
  • Climbing up to the roof of your house to escape your in-laws.  Errrr, I mean to hang holiday lights.
  • Punching carolers.
  • Dragging a mattress to the garage after your wife kicks you out of the house for making a jerk of yourself at her office Christmas party.
  • Building a snowman.  Sorry, young people . . . I mean, a “snow-they.”
  • Methamphetamine.