Things You Should Never Do at a Family Gathering over the Holidays

52% of families have someone they want to ban from holiday get-togethers.  We don’t want you to be that person.  Find out how with today’s list Things You Should Never Do at a Family Gathering over the Holidays.

  • Stuff the turkey with anything other than your hand.
  • Start a sentence with the phrase, “Kanye has a point about . . . “
  • Show off any body modifications that require you to remove clothing.
  • Make fun of Uncle Darryl’s meth-mouth.
  • Turn off football for something on Hallmark.
  • Teach your three-year-old niece to swear.
  • Announce you’re having a baby . . . with someone at the gathering who’s not your husband.
  • Conclude a big meal by loosening more than your belt.