Reasons Why Parents Are Thankful for Their Kids

A poll finds that Americans will be most appreciative of their kids this Thanksgiving.  In case you’re wondering why, check out today’s list of the . . . Top 5 Reasons Why Parents Are Thankful for Their Kids.

  • Stretch marks are like free tattoos!
  • Repeatedly catching the stomach flu toughens the gag reflex.
  • Installing a car seat proves your body can contort into positions you never thought possible.
  • If you’re ever on a game show and the final question was “What are the lyrics to every song from ‘Encanto’?”, you’d win a million dollars!
  • If you die and go to hell, it will be a breeze thanks to all those trips to Disney.
  • All those years of spoon-feeding has made you a master of airplane noises.
  • Before kids, it took hours just to get off the futon.  After kids, you can paint the house during a 45-minute nap.
  • Stepping on a Lego dramatically expanded your library of obscenities.
  • It’s fun to have someone in your life who looks like you.  But, with hope.