8 Benefits of Being a Nice Person

1. Self-transcendence: Desire to grow as a person, motivation to care for others, and an orientation to spiritual and religious practices or “an interconnection with what lies beyond”).

2. Contentment: Acceptance of your life as it is and the ability to adjust to whatever life might throw at you.

3. Relational investment: Being motivated to cultivate and maintain good relationships with others.

4. Teamworking: Empathic capacity to coordinate goals with others, regardless of your role, to accomplish group objectives.

5. Work investment: Being willing to roll up your sleeves and get things done.

6. Lower results emphasis: A tendency to be lenient to others, and less of a focus on being the one who needs to finish a task.

7. Social norm orientation: Avoidance of rule-breaking and behaving in ways compliant with social expectations.

8. Social integration: Becoming better integrated into society and avoiding antisocial behaviors.