Things They Always Get Wrong in Movies and on TV

Reddit asked, “What do movies and TV shows always get wrong? Some of the responses:
– “Typing. They never hit the space bar.”
– “When they press a key to send an email and say ‘Done!’ There is no SEND key on a keyboard!”
– “How much people do in the mornings before school or work.”
– “Constant steering wheel movement when driving a car. Does everyone’s car need an alignment?”
– “How people brush their teeth in movies or TV shows. It’s so perfect. they seemingly apply a Tic Tac size of toothpaste, brush around for maybe 8 seconds, spit it out, then they’re good to go. ”
– “How teenagers look, talk and think.”
– “Fight scenes. Fights aren’t choreographed and neat, they’re usually ugly and sloppy brawls with both men too breathless to make a witty retort.”
– “Car doors are not bulletproof.”
– “Tires do not squeal on gravel roads.”
– “Turning off the TV when people call or knock on the door”