Passive-Aggressive Comments You Always Hear at Work

60% of workers deal with passive aggression in the office.  Which is another way of saying 40% of workers are passive aggressive jerks.  Whichever side you’re on, we’re sure you’ll recognize anything from today’s list ofPassive-Aggressive Comments You Always Hear at Work.

  • Hey, nice of you to finally make it in!
  • Is today laundry day?
  • I can’t believe that plant on your desk is still alive.
  • How do you get any work done with that messy desk?
  • I can cover your shift if you want to sneak home and shower.
  • Everything okay at home?
  • Just a friendly reminder:  Whoever empties the water cooler replaces the jug.
  • Man, I wish I could phone it in like you.
  • Your HR file must be so wild!
  • Wow.  Your definition of business casual is so different than mine.
  • So, does your family, like, own the company or something?