Things 9-1-1 Operators Never Want to Hear

A 9-1-1 operator in New Orleans took her own daughter’s call during a robbery at a McDonald’s.  So, add “Mom?  I need help!” to today’s list of Things 9-1-1 Operators Never Want to Hear.

  • My grandson never calls anymore.  Will you talk to me?
  • Hey, it’s Paul Pelosi.  Guess who’s back?
  • My mommy and daddy are making weird noises in the bedroom.  Do you know what’s happening?
  • Am I caller number five?!?
  • I have multiple personalities and just threatened myself.  Will you tell me to leave me alone?
  • So, Tiger Woods just blew past me in an SUV and . . .
  • Help!  I just need somebody.  Help!  Not just anybody.  Help!  You know, I need someone, help!