Things You Find in Every Garage

36% of Americans say our garage is so cluttered that it can’t fit a car.  And 100% of those Americans blame that lack of space on all the stuff from today’s list Things You Find in Every Garage.

  • Exercise equipment that fell into disrepair from overuse.  Okay, neglect.
  • The “Scarface” poster she made you take down.
  • Christmas lights.  Or. . . the box where your Christmas lights would go if you didn’t leave them up all year.
  • A recliner covered in so many stains even Goodwill’s like, “Yeah . . . no.”
  • A string with a tennis ball dangling from it.
  • An empty fish bowl.  (Rest in peace, Gilly Eilish!)
  • A bucket of balls you used to toss with your kid until you both realized you hate baseball.