Phrases That Will Score You More Candy than “Trick-or-Treat”

Clever costumes help . . . but the secret to REALLY stocking up at Halloween is to make homeowners so desperate to get rid of you, they’ll load your bag with whatever it takes.  Which is why we recommend anything from today’s list of Phrases That Will Score You More Candy than “Trick-or-Treat”.

  • I like fire.
  • Let’s talk politics!
  • The voices in my head tell me to kill.
  • According to my mom, you’re my biological father.
  • I have Tourette’s of the doorbell.  Mind if I keep ringing?
  • I noticed the American flag on your house.  Did you know this land was originally inhabited by . . .
  • Uh-oh.  I shouldn’t have rushed dinner at Chipotle.
  • Hello, I’m Kanye West.