How To Watch Scary Movies If You’re Too Frightened To Watch Scary Movies

What if you’re curious about watching a scary movie, but you’re too afraid to watch it? A writer named Karisa Langlo has some suggestions:

– You can read the entire plot summary by pulling up the movie on Wikipedia or If you know what’s coming, you’ll know when to look away.

– There are podcasts like All Spoiler Recap, Dead Meat and Found Flix which discuss the films, and will put you in the mindset to watch the movie without getting emotionally involved in the horror, but you can appreciate the technical aspect and production values

– A website called Does the Dog Die? lists any “triggers and warnings” for every movie. You can search to see if the movie has simple blood to all-out gore, torture, cannibalism, nudity… even whether a pet gets killed. No one wants to see that.

Or, hear us out here…you could just find something else to watch