Average Person Willing To Drop $42,000 on Home Remodeling

The average homeowner is willing to shell out $42,000 to give their home a facelift. 

A survey of 2,000 homeowners looked at how they make their home feel new again and reports that most want to update their home’s appearance (69%). Overall, 63 percent agree that their home could use an overhaul.

The survey also finds that six in 10 homeowners have a specific vision of how they want their home to look, feel, and function (62%). Most of those respondents are motivated to make changes to their home to achieve that vision (77%).

Conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Andersen Windows & Doors, researchers say that when renovating, 27 percent of homeowners are looking to create a more contemporary space, characterized by sleek surfaces, clean lines, an open floor plan with an abundance of natural light. The same percentage of respondents are seeking a farmhouse-style home, opting for a simple design with rustic charm. 

Nearly a fifth of respondents shared that a ranch house is their ideal home style (19%), featuring a single story and patio. For many, a home update would include creating more open space (31%), finding ways to let more natural sunlight in (30%), or changing the shape or size of their windows (29%).