Reasons Why Believing in Ghosts Can Be Good for You

1. It spurs an adrenaline rush: Feeling scared is literally thrilling. While long and chronic stress-hormone flows can cause harm, in short bursts, they spur physical and mental acuity and a sense of adventure.

2. It keeps us curiousÑabout life, death, the unseen, and the unexplained.

3. It’s a form of spirituality: Lacking the rules, rituals, and dogmas that define organized religions, belief in ghosts is a form of faith.

4. It reminds us that we’re alive: Sure, sometimes life sucks. But what better reminder of how lucky we are to breathe, eat, and interact here in the known world than the truly-believed notion of restless spirits roaming?

5. It makes us feel special: Inherent in believing in ghosts is the belief that we can perceive them. (If we thought we’d never see, hear, or feel ghosts, they wouldn’t scare us.) Such paranormal perceptiveness is a superpower that sets us apart from the crowd.