Reasons to Smile Today

Experts say smiles are contagious.  Too bad headlines are so grim nowadays that smiles are hard to come by.  Or are they?  Maybe not, if you consider anything on today’s list of Reasons to Smile Today

  • It’s been almost 24 hours since Kanye’s been in the news.
  • In 11 days, your kid will have tons of candy for you to steal.
  • Happy Meals now have adult toys!  That didn’t sound right.
  • You’re long COVID is fading just in time for severe flu season.
  • As of this morning, you still have your catalytic converter.
  • Thanks to this ugly split, Tom Brady’s life is only 8 million times better than yours.
  • After nuclear war breaks out and Russia leaves your neighborhood a radioactive wasteland, who knows?  Maybe you’ll develop superpowers!
  • Duh!  There’s pro football tonight!  Well, okay . . . the Cardinals and the Saints.