Signs You’re Not Over Your Ex

A poll finds that over half of us are still friends with our ex.  And then there are those of us who long to be so much more.  Find out if you’re one of them with today’s list of Signs You’re Not Over Your Ex.

  • You still follow him on Instagram.  And his drive home from work.
  • You list her in your contacts as “My Destiny.”
  • You cut her face out of your wedding photo . . . but only so the artist had a reference for your arm tattoo.   
  • You named your cat after him.  Ditto, your new boyfriend.
  • You converted your spare bedroom into a “Janet Shrine.”
  • Whenever you hear “Stuck On You”, you nod and say, “Preach, Lionel . . . preach!”
  • You murder her and her waiter friend . . . allegedly.