Tips to Take Your Halloween Decorations to the Next Level

If you feel like your neighbors always have a better Halloween display than you, here are four tips to help you keep up . . .

1.  Stick to a theme.  Like creepy circus, zombies, or “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

2.  Don’t traumatize the neighbors.  It seems like every year there’s a story or two about someone calling 911 on a house’s Halloween decorations.  Stuff like super realistic blood and guts should be off limits, especially if there are kids around.

3.  Think about all the senses.  Halloween decorations are better if they’re more than just something to look at.  Incorporating sounds or smells is going to make for a better overall experience.

4.  Load up on decorations for next year.  You’re likely to score some great deals on Halloween decorations if you go shopping on November 1st.

 (Washington Post)