23 Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies

Looking for some child-friendly horror movies to watch with the family this Halloween?  The “Hollywood Reporter”put together a list of 23 that should do the trick.  Here are the highlights:

1.  “Hocus Pocus”,  1993.  And of course, the brand-new sequel.

2.  “Beetlejuice”,  1988.  This one’s got some swearing, including an F-bomb, and mild sexuality . . . plus some pretty legit scares, so may not be great for the younger kids.

3.  “The Addams Family”,  1991.  There’s also a direct sequel, “Addams Family Values”, plus “Addams Family Reunion”and the 2019 animated flick, once again titled, “The Addams Family”(The Netflix series “Wednesday” doesn’t premiere until November 23rd.)

4.  “Halloweentown”,  1998.  A Disney Channel original that spawned three sequels.

5.  “Ghostbusters”,  1984.  There are now two direct sequels, but don’t sleep on the all-female reboot from 2016.  It’s not as bad as all the Internet toxicity tried to make it out to be.

6.  “Twitches”,  2005.  Remember Tia and Tamera Mowry?  Here they play twin witches separated at birth.

7.  “Casper”,  1995.  The more Christina Ricciyou pump into your holiday season, the better.

8.  “Gremlins”,  1984.  This one’s got a bit of a mean streak and some really dark humor . . . so again, probably not for the youngest of the young.

9.  “The Nightmare Before Christmas”,  1993.  As if this one’s not already on your list.

10.  “Coraline”,  2009.  A true masterpiece.