Dumb Things We Did as Teenagers

A 13-year-old kid in Texas swallowed a dog toy squeaker and now he makes a funny sound when he breathes.  But hey, weren’t we all idiots at that age?  So enjoy today’s list of Dumb Things We Did as Teenagers.

  • Drank alcohol in a field.
  • Mistook guys in tight pants, mascara, and gobs of hairspray as badass rockers.
  • Took dates to Applebee’s.
  • Considered a career in breakdancing.
  • Bullied classmates who are now tech billionaires.
  • Sprayed Right Guard to mask the smell of weed
  • Not only kept a diary, but considered our thoughts so incredibly brilliant that we locked it.
  • Thought our parents were actually in love.
  • Gave birth.