Annoying Things Cars Should Prevent Drivers from Doing

Cars in the future may be able to stop us from speeding.  But considering how many other bad habits people have in their cars, why stop there?  See what we mean with today’s list of Other Annoying Things Cars Should Prevent Drivers from Doing.

  • Using the rear-view mirror to check up their nose.
  • Revving the engine when they pull next to a hot girl.
  • Displaying a “Calvin peeing on the logo of an NFL team they don’t like” sticker.
  • That thing jerks do with their horn.  What’s it called?  Oh, yeah . . . USE it.
  • Making everyone in the car listen to the band they’re in  (Applicable to Ubers only.)
  • Spraying the car behind them with wiper fluid.
  • Shouting “Woo-HOO!” when they get a sliver of air going over a speed bump.
  • Sticking their hand out of the window like they can make the car fly.
  • Letting Tiger Woods take the wheel.