Thoughts We Had in the Shower This Morning

Experts think they’ve figured out why we’re so insightful in the shower.  In honor of their discovery, enjoy the “revelations” we experienced today with a list of Thoughts We Had in the Shower This Morning.

  • Doorknobs were invented so Chinese restaurants could hang their menus on something.
  • If you get annoyed with someone flying a kite, what do you tell them to go do?
  • Coinstar is a reverse slot machine.
  • If everyone knew the true meaning of Christmas, what would Hallmark movies be about?
  • The most popular job with spiders is web design.
  • Someone has to teach lint to stop falling for that trap.
  • Why are they called “sporks” instead of “foons”?
  • If we want kids to do their best, we should make them use a number one pencil.