Behind-the-Scenes Facts You Might Not Know about “Hocus Pocus”

In recognition of “Hocus Pocus 2” coming out Friday on Disney+, BuzzFeed put together a list of behind-the-scenes facts about the 1993 original.  Here are 10:

1.  It was originally supposed to focus mostly on the Sanderson sisters.  But in the editing process, many of their scenes were cut to focus more on the kids.

2.  Leonardo DiCaprio was going to play Max Dennison, but he turned it down to do “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”.

3.  The role of Winifred Sanderson was written with Cloris Leachman from “Young Frankenstein” in mind.

4.  Ralph the dog belonged to Kathy Najimy.

5.  Thackery Binx (the black cat) was played by nine to 15 different cats.

6.  Animatronic cats were also used for Binx.  One of them was the same one used for Salem on the “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” series.

7.  Sarah Sanderson’s costume was inspired by Sleeping Beauty and Mary’s was supposed to look like a witchy baker.  Winifred’s was inspired by Bette Midler herself, and includes symbols from Stonehenge and a rune alphabet.

 8.  The fountain where the kids celebrate the witches’ demise is the same one from the opening credits of “Friends”.  It was filmed at the Warner Brothers studio lot in Burbank, California.

9.  Bette carried a dictionary of old curse words around set so she could give historically accurate insults like “trollimog”, which means “dirty woman”.

10.  Sarah Jessica Parker would stay in her flying harness in between takes and read “The New York Times” because it was so comfy.

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