3 Ways Complaining Causes Anxiety, Stress, and Unhappiness

So, while occasional complaining is harmless, here are three ways ongoing complaining turns toxic. A tendency of complaining will:

1.   Damage friendships: No one like to be around someone who’s always grumpy. They tend to be a buzzkill, spreading negativity and blame. Friends may not confront your habit of complaining but may find ways to avoid or ghost you.

2.   Increase mental and physical tension: Unlike challenging and overcoming frustration, complaining doesn’t often lead to release or resolution. The negative energy festers inside you. It may trigger rumination, obsessive thinking, and paranoia, which can result in psychic and physical tension or psychosomatic symptoms, such as headaches, backaches, or sleeplessness.

3.   Decreasing energy and creativity: People who complain often report feeling tired and unmotivated. Chronic complaining undoes ambition and discourages creative solutions.