Things We Hate Almost as Much as Kale

According to ultrasounds, fetuses scowl when exposed to kale.  But kale-bashing isn’t just a trend with the unborn.  In fact, it’s so repellant we can only think of stuff we SORTA detest as much as it . . . which you’ll see with today’s list Things We Hate Almost as Much as Kale.

  • Tongue cuts.
  • That hinky wheel on the shopping cart.
  • The middle seat on a plane . . . next to someone with a companion ferret.
  • Guys who still say “That’s so money.”
  • Armpit stains that ruin an otherwise awesome T-shirt.
  • That weird abdominal pain you get from contorting to see what size jeans you’re wearing while you’re in the department store.
  • Couples who don’t comply with the “Kiss Cam.”
  • Getting stuck behind a student driver.
  • Stepping in gum . . . barefoot.