Other Things Crocs Can Be Used For

If you were wearing Crocs in a survival situation, could you EAT them?  It’s a real question people have been asking online for years, because they’re made of non-toxic material.  So a writer for “Vice” looked into it, and the short answer is . . . NO, non-toxic doesn’t mean edible.  And even if you could digest them, there’s no nutritional value. So…if you decide that you HAVEN’T given up on life and no longer wish to wear your crocs, here are some other possible uses:

  • Your kid’s bathtub toy.
  • That thing you throw at the TV when your team sucks.
  • A pasta strainer.
  • The thing gas stations attach the bathroom key to so nobody steals it.
  • A softball base.
  • A hemorrhoid pillow.