Signs Someone Isn’t Really an AC/DC Fan

Vintage rock band T-shirts are in style with young people.  But, vintage BANDS?  Not so much.  Want to find out if that kid in the AC/DC T-shirt is a poser?  Check out today’s list of Signs Someone Isn’t Really an AC/DC Fan.

  • Their favorite band member is the guy who bit the head off a bat.
  • They see Angus Young in that uniform and scream, “There’s a child in the band?!”
  • They think “You Shook Me All Night Long” is about insomnia.
  • They call the band “A. C. Lightning Bolt. D. C.”
  • When you take them to a concert, they ask “Where’s the guy with the top hat?”
  • When you call out “For those about to rock . . . “, they respond, ” . . . we recommend noise-cancelling headphones so you don’t disturb others.”
  • They swear things haven’t been the same since Yoko came into the picture.
  • After Brian Johnson asks the crowd for requests, they shout “‘Mel’s Bells’!”
  • Their response to “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”?  “Well, THAT’S a bad business model.”