Things Kids Secretly Hate About Their Parents

Someone compiled a list of things parents secretly hate about their kids.  But hey, two can play that game.  So, enjoy today’s list of Things Kids Secretly Hate About Their Parents.

  • The way dad won’t sit still when you’re trying to apply princess makeup.
  • The way they pass off kissing your boo-boo as “first-aid.”
  • When they insist Nana sleep in your room when she visits even though she smells weird.
  • When mommy fixes your cowlick with her spit.
  • Early bedtimes every night that daddy’s team is on TV.
  • When they don’t let you wear a cape to school.
  • The way they make you get apple slices with your Happy Meal.
  • Not dropping to the ground and convulsing when you hit them with The Force.
  • When they leave your Halloween bag with nothing but Circus Peanuts
  • The way mommy points at her C-section scar and screams, “This is from YOU!”