Drinking Tea Significantly Slashes Risk Of Diabetes – But Only If You’ve Had 4 Cups

If you’re worried about developing diabetes, drinking tea throughout the day may help. New research shows that people who consume at least four mugs a day are 17 percent less likely to develop the disease.

Scientists from Wuhan University in China say the findings apply to black, green or oolong varieties. The worldwide project tracked more than a million participants for an average of ten years to reach the conclusion. Study authors credit compounds known as flavonoids in tea for the benefit. These naturally occurring chemicals mimic antioxidants, destroying harmful free radicals. 

Lead author Xiaying Li, of Wuhan University of Science and Technology in China describes the results as “exciting.” For their research, Li and colleagues pooled data from 19 studies involving 1,076,311 volunteers in eight countries. They report that drinking one to three cups a day lowered diabetes risk by just four percent. Yet people who drank four or more saw that figure rise significantly to 17 percent.