Things to Be Thankful For

New research finds that the secret to happiness is expressing gratitude.  And if you’re such a miserable bum that you need help coming up with stuff to appreciate, check out today’s list of Things to Be Thankful For.

  • You ignored Matt Damon’s financial advice.
  • Vodka looks like water on a work Zoom.
  • The mute button when Joe Buck’s calling the game.
  • When you can’t decide if you need a spoon or a fork, a solution exists.
  • Your neighbor doesn’t use a password to protect her Wi-Fi.
  • Rainy late-night walks when the dog poops right away.
  • Those rare occasions when the balance on your ATM receipt hits three digits.
  • You didn’t take Dak Prescott in your fantasy football draft.
  • It’s the Weekend