Older Adults Have Only 4 Friends They Can Count On

Over the age of 55? Odds are you only have four friends you can count on.

That’s the sobering finding from a poll of 2,000 Americans in this age group that sheds light on loneliness and social inactivity among older adults. In fact, the survey finds that one in five feel lonely more than half the week (19%).

Three in four admit that their social circle has shrunk as they’ve gotten older (77%), with nearly half of respondents (48%) sharing that they’ve stopped being friends with at least three people in the last two years alone. However, the survey, conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Life Time, also finds that 83 percent feel it’s never too late in life to create fulfilling relationships.

In their later years, people want to focus on spending their time with friends and family (52%), traveling (40%), and improving their overall health (39%).