Ground Rules Parents Have for Kids Who Move Back In

A lot of younger people had to move back in with their parents during the pandemic.  And a new poll found TWO-THIRDS of them are still there. 

The survey found 80% of parents with kids under 35 said they’d definitely let them move back in if they needed to.  But they might have a few ground rules.  10% of parents said they wouldn’t have ANY. 

 But here are six rules or conditions for moving back in, and how many parents say they’d enforce them . . .

1.  They’d have to help with cooking and cleaning.  58% would enforce that one.

2.  Help pay for groceries and other household bills, 56%.

3.  They’d have to have a job or get one, 53%.

4.  Pay rent.  Only 27% would charge their kids rent.

5.  Have a set timeframe for when they’ll move out, 11%.

6.  Have a curfew, 10%.