Reasons Rotary Phones Were the Best Phones Ever

Today is Telephone Tuesday.  In honor of Alexander Graham Bell’s greatest invention, we pay tribute to an all-time great with today’s list of Reasons Rotary Phones Were the Best Phones Ever.

  • It was a lot harder to butt-dial.
  • The only ringtones were “Loud” and “Unplugged.”
  • If we dropped it in the toilet, we just yanked it back out.
  • The cord gave us something to twist around our finger while talking to that really cute guy from study hall.
  • Does the iPhone 14 come in avocado green?  That’s what I thought.
  • The 15 minutes it took to dial long distance gave us time to think about what we would say to grandma.
  • Remember when your younger brother would come running into the kitchen and get clotheslined because mom was on the phone?  Good times.