Nearly Half of People Talk to Their Plants

More plant owners than you may think are talking to them, with a new survey finding that nearly half, 48 percent, said they talk to their plants. Additionally, 62 percent said in the survey that they believe talking to their plants has helped their mental health.

The survey found 37 percent also talk to the trees they walk by on the street. When asked how often they talk to their plants, most, 70 percent, said occasionally, but one in five said they do so every day. Additionally, 28 percent said they’ve hugged a plant, and 23 percent have kissed one.

Gary Altman, director of the horticultural therapy program at Rutgers University, told CNBC Make It, “Having plants around in your home or office really does help to increase positive feelings and reduce feelings of fear and anger, which are associated with that uncertainty of what’s to come next.” He said “Just stepping away from the thing that’s stressing you out and turning to your plants for a few minutes, maybe misting them, watering them. That gives you a little bit of space to provide yourself some sanctity.” (CNBC)