Overlooked Ways to Improve Your Success

1.   Curate your ecosystem. Surround yourself with people who are better than you, and you will see your work product and work ethic improve. You will start to set new and higher expectations for yourself and work to meet these new goals.

2.   Losing is the main ingredient to success. If you aren’t losing, you are not taking enough risks.

3.   Stop, take a pause, watch, and listen. Block out the negative voices and pay close attention to your natural capabilities and talents.

4.   Competition is healthy. Competition pushes us forward. It forces us to look within and discover our hidden talents.

5.   A certain amount of stress is healthy. A certain amount of stress is necessary to get us out of the starting blocks and into the winner’s circle. Once you taste that winning level, you want to keep it, which may take a bit more stress to sustain.

6.   Success is a series of small steps. Longevity is an excellent indicator of success. You can achieve it only by taking small, meaningful, consistent actions over time.