Fashion Rules Other than “Don’t Wear White after Labor Day”

Happy Labor Day weekend!  Of course, we all know the first rule of Labor Day . . . but what about other unwritten laws of fashion?  Find out with today’s list of Fashion Rules Other than “Don’t Wear White after Labor Day”.

  • Don’t wear a tank top after you get shoulder hair.
  • Don’t wear Kirkland Signature if you’re under 70.
  • Don’t wear a popped collar after 1987.
  • Don’t wear denim-on-denim unless you’re Jay Leno.
  • Don’t wear a pinkie ring unless you sell cigarettes out of your trunk.
  • Don’t wear a Steph Curry jersey after you strain your back attempting a lay-up.
  • Don’t wear a Yankee hat after you cross the Boston city limit.
  • Don’t wear Crocs.  That’s it.  Just don’t wear Crocs.