“Shocking” Worker Survey Results

A new Buzzfeed poll asked people about their office preferences and based on the results, the average working stiff is anything BUT an average worker. See what we mean with today’s list of “Shocking” Worker Survey Results.

  • 87% leave printer jams for someone else to fix.
  • 62% mock all of the action figures in the IT guy’s cubicle.
  • 73% ignore the “Do not eat” post-it on burritos in the breakroom fridge.
  • 56% of HR directors have an office photo of their cat.
  • 92% only attend a coworker’s birthday party for the cake.
  • 77% haven’t paid for toilet paper, highlighters, or K-cups in years.
  • 68% feel a piece of their soul die when they look at their net pay.
  • 0% think your “Probably Wine” coffee mug is clever.
  • 100% work late because they hate their families.