Things People Say to Their Dogs Other than “I Love You”

 Happy National Dog Day!  A poll finds that 86% of dog owners tell their pooch they love them.  But the chit-chat doesn’t end there.  Find out what else we discuss with our fur babies with today’s list of Things People Say to Their Dogs Other than “I Love You”.

  • Are you done drinking?  I gotta use the toilet.
  • Relax.  It’s just a squirrel!
  • No offense, but eating poop?  Not a good look.
  • Once we get to the park, act adorable so it will help me meet someone
  • Of all the yards to poop in, why did you pick the one with people outside?
  • The Dog Whisperer’s a total jerk, isn’t he?
  • Don’t blame me they’re gone.  I’m just following Bob Barker’s orders.