Building the Perfect Burger

August 25th was National Burger Day, and many Americans are likely wrapping up their summer vacations with a meat-grilling extravaganza! So, how do you build the perfect burger?

It turns out many people have an interesting suggestion about where to place the cheese. In a poll of 1,000 people across the United States, conducted by RTA Outdoor Living, more than one in seven people think the perfect cheeseburger should have its cheese go under the burger patty instead of letting it melt on top of the meat.

While the vast majority of cheeseburger fans agree their cheese belongs on top of the patty (84%), 15 percent think the cheese should go underneath. Interestingly, more men (19%) believe their burger should sit on the cheese than women.

A previous survey found that Americans generally believe lettuce and other ingredients such as pickles or onions belong under the burger patty so it keeps the bread from getting soggy.