Things Only People-Pleasers Say

People-pleasers:  Women think they’re more likely to be one than men.  Regardless, we all know one when we see one.  Or in this case, HEAR one, thanks to today’s list of Things Only People-Pleasers Say.

  • I’d LOVE to help you move.
  • You can have the shower caddy.  I’ll put my stuff in the corner.
  • Sorry, kids, I’m all out of Halloween candy.  Here . . . take this jewelry.
  • I know it’s my birthday dinner, but I got the bill.
  • If you want more space in the bed, I’ll sleep on the floor.
  • I don’t care if you’re 37.  You’re never too old for mommy to cut the crusts off your sandwich.
  • I think the 2020 election was totally . . . whatever you think it was.