4 Reasons Why You Should Massage Your Pregnant Partner

1. Back massages promote oxytocin and break milk production. For new mums, the stimulation of spinal muscles through massage encourages the release of oxytocin in the body and increases milk production. In this study, mothers were asked to sit on a chair and lean forward with their arms on the table without clothing on the upper half of their bodies.

2. Endorphins from massages help anxiety levels during labor. Massages are known to stimulate the production of endorphins in the body. Because endorphins help promote a sense of calm and comfort, mothers who receive a light massage can significantly reduce their anxiety levels during labor.

3. Massage reduces back pain in the third trimester. Lower lumbar pain is a common experience for mothers as their bodies adjust to pregnancy. Another benefit of endorphins being released through massage is that endorphins help reduce discomfort and pain in the body.

4. Massage significantly improves childbirth satisfaction. Any mums out there can attest to the stressful experience of labor. A systematic review of six journal articles indicated that massage significantly helps childbirth satisfaction.