Signs You Eat Too Much McDonald’s

The average American would give up four years of their lives to eat fast food.  Are you willing to give up even MORE?  Well, then . . . congratulations!  You inspired today’s list of Signs You Eat Too Much McDonald’s.

  • Happy Meals actually make you happy.
  • The part of the sign that said “Billions and Billions Served” now says “Thanks, Frank!”
  • Your cardiologist greets you with “KA-ching!”
  • You named your kids “Hot Cakes” and “Sausage”.
  • You take meds for separation anxiety when the McRib goes away.
  • The only thing you say during sex is “I’m lovin’ it!”
  • You once ate a Filet-o-Fish.  On purpose.
  • You were diagnosed with McDiabetes.