Signs It’s Time to Throw Out a CD

Compact discs turn 40 today . . . and sales jumped just last year.  But not ALL CDs are here to stay.  For help whittling down your collection, check out today’s list of Signs It’s Time to Throw Out a CD.

  • It features the words “Kenny” and “G.”
  • It brings back painful memories . . . of when you had hair.
  • The last time you listened to it, we were on the brink of nuclear war with Russia, “Top Gun” was the number one movie of the year, and a doddering old man was president.  Okay, bad example.
  • It’s your dog’s favorite frisbee.
  • When you tried donating it to Goodwill, they said, “We don’t want that crap.”
  • When you open the case, stale air hisses out like a mummy’s tomb.