Your Posture Can Affect How Your Stomach Absorbs Medicine

Does the effectiveness of medicine come down to your posture?

A new study finds a person’s posture while taking pills can affect how their stomach absorbs the drugs. Researchers used a state of the art “StomachSim” – based on the realistic anatomy of the human stomach – to analyze and quantify how effective medicines that people need to swallow are.

Although it may seem fairly easy, scientists say that swallowing tablets is actually the most complex way for humans to absorb pharmaceutical ingredients. This is because the bioavailability of the drug depends on the medication’s ingredients and the stomach’s dynamic environment once it reaches the gastrointestinal tract.

Johns Hopkins University researchers say their model of the stomach is the first of its kind to couple gastric biomechanics with pill movement and drug dissolution to determine how much of the active pharmaceuticals actually pass through the pylorus and reach the duodenum.